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FISH Home Education Network
Our Scope

In support of the FISH Network Mission Statement, member families are encouraged to coordinate events in which they are interested and that offer a balance of the following areas.

  • Academic - FISH Network seeks to encourage member families to participate in  the various field trips, clubs, workshops and labs offered for one another. These activities are organized and executed by member families for the purpose of supplementing and enriching the home education experiences of all FISH Network member families.  
  • Service - FISH Network recognizes our Biblical responsibility to "love our neighbors". To assist in training our children in this area, FISH Network encourages member families to coordinate community service opportunities in which other network member families can be invited to participate.  
  • Social - FISH Network encourages member families to come together in an activity, not only to provide academic and service enrichment, but also to provide social opportunities to build friendships and encourage one another.

FISH Home Education Network is a large group with diverse Biblical backgrounds. The network does not desire to enforce rigid "rules" for what events can be held or what the activities can look like. Rather, the network chooses to rely on activity coordinators and sponsors to determine what activities and events fit within the network's spiritual guidelines. We encourage event coordinators and sponsors to consider all Biblical backgrounds when planning events and to recognize that the following events or activities within these events may raise concerns with some member families. ·

  • Halloween-related activities.
  • Dance events that may encourage sin in our young people.
  • Certain types of music at any event.
  • Magic performances.

Please consider carefully what will be included in events. If there are questions about the appropriateness of an activity or event you are planning, feel free to contact a member of the Parent Advisory Team for guidance.

As a Biblically-based network, we are unable to allow, advertise or sponsor any event or activity that goes directly against the Foundational Statement of Our Common Faith.