A Christian Homeschool Group in Madison, Wisconsin Homeschooling in Madison since 1985 Homeschooling in Madison since 1985

Our Mission

FISH Home Education Network exists to provide opportunities to enrich your homeschool, to connect homeschooling families and to encourage and equip Christian homeschooling parents.

We wrap-around you and your homeschool, without directing it. We are not a co-op, but we are a community. Just like the body of Christ, families in our community have different roles, but those roles support and help each other, and together, we are strengthened.

Our Statement of Common Faith

The FISH Home Education Network is an organization based on Christian principles with a membership primarily made up of believers in Christ. 

We recognize the common principles of one God eternally existent in Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the atoning sacrifice of Christ as Lord and Savior, the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit, and acknowledge the Bible as the authority for right and holy living.

Based on this Foundational Statement of Our Common Faith, member family participation in FISH events should be determined by each individual family as led by God’s Word and the Holy Spirit.

Our Scope

In support of the FISH Network Mission Statement, member families are encouraged to coordinate events in which they are interested and that offer a balance of the following areas.

  • Academic - FISH Network seeks to encourage member families to host and participate in various field trips, clubs, workshops and labs offered for one another. These activities are organized and executed by member families for the purpose of supplementing and enriching the home education experiences of all FISH Network member families.  
  • Service - FISH Network recognizes our Biblical responsibility to "love our neighbors". To assist in training our children in this area, FISH Network encourages member families to coordinate community service opportunities in which other network member families can be invited to participate.  
  • Social - FISH Network encourages member families to come together in an activity, not only to provide academic and service enrichment, but also to provide social opportunities to build friendships and encourage one another.

Our Organization

FISH Home Education Network is a network for families who participate in a private home-based educational program as defined by Wisconsin Homeschool Laws.

All Network Member families are encouraged to participate in at least one act of service to the membership to support the various activities available to the FISH Network throughout the year. (This can be waived your first year of membership.) 

Some opportunities for service will be stated on your membership form, however, your options are not limited to these activities. Activities offered through the Network may vary each year as each member family brings their own strengths and giftings to the Network.

FISH Network is coordinated by a group of members volunteering as the FISH Parent Advisory Team or PAT. The Parent Advisory Team coordinates Parent Meetings, the Resource Center, the Prayer Team, Student and Family Events, as well as maintaining secretarial, membership and financial records, and managing the website.

The Advisory Team is also responsible for advising member families in the coordination of field trips, enrichment activities, workshops, educational competitions & presentations, conferences and clubs.