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FISH Home Education Network
Eligibility & Participation Requirements

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To be eligible to become members of FISH Home Education Network, families . . .
. . . must support the network's Mission Statement and the Foundational Statement of Our Common Faith.

. . . must be currently participating in a private home-based educational program as described in current Wisconsin Home School Law, which includes filing a Pl-1206 form in accordance with the Department of Public Instruction requirements.

. . .can include those who only have children of preschool age and are considering or planning to participate in a private home-based educational program.

Families who become members are expected to fulfill the following participation requirements:

…  Member families will participate in organizing at least one network support activity or volunteer to help with one aspect of FISH (optional for first year of membership).  For example, coordinate a student or parent activity, help with planning an activity, volunteer with the Resource Center or set-up a field trip. 


. . . Member families must pay the annual membership fee of $30 (or $15 after March 1st) to offset the operational costs of the FISH Home Education Network.  Please note, this fee is non-refundable (unless extraneous circumstances apply).