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Charlotte Mason Study Group

Date – Time

January 16, 2024 – 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Madison Hebrew Roots Church
Patrick Henry Building, 313 West Beltline Hwy #179
Madison, WI 53713 US
The entrance is on the SIDE of the building. If the door is locked, please ring the doorbell. Or call Kathleen at the above number. Thank you!

Additional Information

---NOTE:  Book Club is Cancelled for January due to cold winter temps---

Join us for a book study of the methods and philosophy of Charlotte Mason.  This year we are reading Volume 5: Formation of Character. Whether you are completely new to Charlotte Mason's ideas, or have used them in your homeschool for years, you are completely welcome! 

We will once again meet at Madison Hebrew Roots Church, Patrick Henry Building, 313 West Beltline Hwy #179 in Madison from 6 PM - 8PM, on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. ***Please note we switched Oct and Nov to the 4th Thursdays, due to a FISH Group conflict and Thanksgiving.***

*Our goal is to learn, glean from, and encourage each other, so if you do not get the reading finished, please still come! *

Our reading schedule is the following:  

September 19: Part I, Ch 1-3
October 24: (4th Thursday!!) Part I, Ch 4-7
November 28: (4th Thursday!!) Part 1, Ch 8 through Part II, Ch 4
December: No Group! 
January 16: Part II, Ch 5 through Part III, Ch 1 (end with the section titled ‘Home Culture-Books’)
February 20: Part III, Ch 1 (start at section titled ‘Letter Writing’) - Chapter 2
March 19: Part IV, Ch 1-Ch 2, section V
April 16: Part IV, Ch 2, section VI - Chapter 3, section II
May 21: to the end (skip Appendix if you’d like)

Feel free to contact Kathleen Seeger with any questions! 608-302-7006 . We also have a Facebook group for those local and interested in Charlotte Mason - 'Charlotte Mason Study Group, Madison, WI', https://m.facebook.com/groups/128331014470113/