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Maker's Market

Date – Time

November 10, 2023 – 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Doxa Church
2700 Novation Pkwy
Madison, WI 53713 US

Additional Information

Maker's Market is a wonderful opportunity for our FISH families to get creative, hone their handicraft skills and learn about marketing and selling their wares.  

This is a project that you an work on as a family or individuals can make and market their handicraft wares.  Selling is only open to FISH members, but anyone can come and shop!  

Not sure what to make?  Here are some ideas that have been done in the past: 

  • sewing, crochet, knit, macrame, latch hook projects; 
  • soaps, candles, body scrubs, lip gloss, linen or room sprays; 
  • Wood working, carving, walking sticks, metal work projects; 
  • Slime, duct tape creations, magnets, string art, toys for kids; 
  • Jewelry, greeting cards, drawings, paintings, mosaics, rubber stamping cards; 
  • flower arrangements, small plants, dried flower art; 
  • Desserts, treats, candies, cookies, bars, jams/jellies. 

Each family will be given one table where they set-up their items.  You can get creative in how you display your items or keep it simple (it's up to you!)  We encourage you to price items below $5.00, remembering that mostly kids will be shopping at your table.  We will also have a time of "bartering" between tables.  Each family can decide if this is something they would like to do or not.  We can explain more about this later. 

In order to sell at the Maker's Market, you will need to sign-up via this calendar post. If you know what you will be making, please include that. You don't need to be specific (and if you change your mind later that's okay!), but we do need to have an idea of what will be sold and how many will be selling so we can plan accordingly.  

If your family does not want to participate in the crafting/selling portion, we encourage you to support your FISH families by shopping at our market!  You can also invite any friends and family to shop (we have learned that this is a great event for Grandparents to come to!)   Look for a shareable flyer closer to the event. 

There are many new families in FISH, so if you have any questions, please respond to this post or contact Becky at [email protected] and I would be happy to answer them for you. 

Happy Crafting! 

PS:  We are also planning on collecting used shoes for Soles for Jesus.  This has become a wonderful service project we have done for a number of years!  More information about this will be coming later.  In the meantime, start saving those shoes to be sent to Africa!